Makeup Artistry

I am lucky to have worked in many areas of makeup artistry for print, film, editorial, bridal, headshots, and more.  I love to use mineral makeup that is good for your skin and won't make you break out.  I am a versatile artist, and will listen to your needs to acheive the look you desire! For all special occasion makeup and bridal, I use tear proof and sweat proof sealants to make your look last all night. You can come to my space or I can come to you!

Bridal $200 (includes complimentary trial)

Special Occasion/Bridal Party $150

Head shot $80

Editorial price depends on project and travel

I offer light hair styling for editorial, commercial and media work.  I do not do bridal or special occasion hair.  For that, I have many fabulous hair stylists I can refer you to.


Organic Medi-Facial

A customized results-oriented facial. I focus on infusing medical grade and organic skin care ingredients, herbs and plant extracts deep into your skin where they work best to create visible improvements.  You will love the fruity aromas of the organic fruit and herb enzymes, masks, and the results!  $75

Acne Program

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition, and one of my biggest passions.  I have extensive continuing education and knowledge on its triggers and how to improve the appearance of it in the skin.  Due to acnes complicated nature, home compliance is necessary to have successful results.   Clients entering my acne program are expected to 

  • show up to their facial appointments within my recommended time frames
  • follow my protocols for home product use
  • make the appropriate lifestyle changes discussed during our appointments

$50 acne facials 

$80 post acne scar maintenance

acne scars

acne scars

no more scars

no more scars


One of the best treatments for the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, scarring and large pores.  I use the highest quality medical grade crystals and customize all products to what I see your skin needs.  I follow your treatment with extractions and a calming mask.  Results are best seen in a series of 6.                                                                                                       $80


Peels are the quickest way I can help your skin to acheive visible results.  I specialize in a variety of peels from acne peels to NON ACID peels and more for whatever I see your skin will benefit from.  I will do a peel only after I give you at least one Organic Medi-Facial and consultation, so that I can get to know you and your skin, and any sensitivities you may have.                                                                                                                                     Peels much like microdermabrasion are best done in a series of 6 - 8

Miami Peel

Developed by a group of internationally renowned dermatologists from the University of Miami, this peel was developed to treat the sun damaged and hyperpigmented skin of their globally diverse clientele.  Fortunately we now have access to this superior and gentle peel for all skin tones through me!  (hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, anti aging for all skin tones)     $100 

Miami Peel S-30

For acne, and acneic rosacea.  This peel is followed by extractions, and an acne healing mask and led or high frequency light therapy.                              $100 - a la cart    $50 - in my acne program

Apple Wine and A

A firming and line minimizing two step peel, superior for anti aging results.  An apple vinegar derived malic acid peel is followed by a non acid vitamin A peel. Home care purchase is required when receiving this peel to ensure safe and positive results.                                                                                       $115

NON Acid Organic A

This unique peel can be customized for any skin type including sensitive rosacea skin.  It works by infusing an organic form of vitamin A deep into the dermis where it remodels your skin. I mix custom organic skin care ingredients and herbs with the peel to adjust it to your skin needs.                 $100

Microderm Infusion

My most popular anti-aging service.  A Microdermabrasion followed by the Non Acid Organic A infusion.  This will completely transform your skin to a smoother, more even toned state.  Home care purchase is required to ensure safe and positive results.                                                                          $125 - A la cart  $75 - in acne program (post scar maintenance)

Little Victories

Depuffing and Firming eye treatment - $20

Miami Peel Hand lightening - $20

Microcurrent instant eye and brow lift - $40 (great for special occasions)

LED light therapy a la carte - $30


I am a master of stripless waxing. I use a specialty French produced 'hard' wax for all facial, brazilian, bikini and underarm waxing. What makes it so much better is that when applied this wax cools and hardens around the hair itself and does not attach to the skin, creating less pain, irritation and a better service for your most delicate areas. High quality, cream strip wax is used for larger areas such as legs and backs. After all my wax services I soothe your skin with custom made essential oil blends and creams. I will not leave you with cheap comedogenic baby oil. I never double dip sticks.

Brows $25

Lip $5

Chin $10

Face $50 

Side burns $15

Nostrils $15

Bikini $45+

Brazilian $60

Boyzillian $75+

Rear end - $30

Underarms $20

1/2 Leg $30

Full Leg $50

1/2 Back $35

Full Back $50

1/2 Arms $25

Full Arms $50

Hands $20

Feet $15

Toes $10

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are a great way to enhance your beauty! They are great for special occasions because they are tear proof. You can sleep in them and they last 3-4 weeks. Lash extensions are fully customizable to fit the look you desire. They are less maintenance than strip lashes and with my method are the least damaging to your natural lashes.

Full set $150

Fills (every 2-4 weeks) $65

Half set $75